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Thyroid Health

A incredibly complex gland responsible for our basal metabolic function, the thyroid gland controls how quickly the body uses energy, makes proteins, and regulates how sensitively the body reacts to other hormones. It participates in these processes by producing thyroid hormones, principally triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T 4). These hormones regulate the rate of metabolism and affect the growth and rate of function of many other systems in the body. (Wikipedia) Every cell in the body has a receptor site for thyroid hormones, which makes it very sensitive to imbalances in physiological systems.

Millions of Americans take a thyroid pill each day, yet still struggle with such thyroid health problems as:

  • Fatigue
  • Weight gain
  • Hair loss or poor hair quality
  • Depression and other mood related symptoms
  • Symptoms that steadily worsening
  • The need to constantly change thyroid medication because numbers continually fluctuate

We hear this everyday at Mederi Health. That’s why we take the complex problem of thyroid health seriously. Our professional staff begin the diagnostic process by ordering comprehensive blood tests to properly diagnose your thyroid condition. These test allow our doctors to look for underlying problems such as Hashimotos, adrenal gland, and GI involvement that could contribute to poor thyroid health. As part of our whole patient approach, we look at other parts of the body, as well. Most patients, for example, don’t know or have never been told by their doctor that an active thyroid hormone requires a healthy gut! Our approach to optimal thyroid health is to support all systems involved through herbs and nutrition so your thyroid can do its job.

Your thyroid is the hub of your metabolism, make sure you have the proper information and diagnosis to find cutting-edge, effective solutions for your thyroid health problems.

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