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At Mederi Health we pride ourselves on our superb service and treating patients with respect. We also value your feedback and comments. We encourage you to check out what our clients have said about us and perhaps take a moment o review us online as well. Please read some of our review below, or watch some of our real-life patient success stories from Mederi patients below. Then visit one of the links below to leave your comments or email your comments to us here. Check out our video testimonials here.


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I have never experiences results like this; I cannot thank Mederi Health enough for changing my life!Ella B.
In 6 months I’ve lost 35 pounds, I’m sleeping better, and I have my energy back!Bobby G.
At Mederi Health I have found a doctor and a team who puts the patients first. I feel like I have my body back, and what a great feeling it is! Kerri B.
 I have been a Mederi Health patient for 9 months now. They have helped me change my eating habits, and I can feel a big difference in the way I feel. I have lost close to 70 lbs! I have so much more energy. Thank you for giving me my life back!Tammy H.
Dr. Holden and her staff do not give up on you and allow you to settle for adequate health. I am on my way to feeling better than I have for many years, and I’m back to my normal weight! I could not have done it without Mederi Health’s continued encouragement and incredible support!Darlene Z.
After several years of being on thyroid medication but still not feeling even close to normal; that compiled with not being heard by my doctor, I realized there had to be other answers available.  Dr. Holden appeared on a morning TV show explaining why many of us were still having symptoms. After only a few months of working with Dr. Holden several of my symptoms were under control and I was feeling so much better.  Mederi Health’s step-by-step integrative process made absolute sense to me and was very achievable for anyone; it prepared me to be an active participant in my own health direction.Sandi A
I have been able to manage hot flashes-nearly eliminated-with a wonderful supplement with no chemical compounds resulting in zero mood swings. My husband and I are both happy about that!

I also lost 17 pounds in 21 days on the HCG program. My family doctor has cut my blood pressure medication dosage in half. I have the energy and (now) the desire to walk every day on the treadmill that has been in my basement for years!

Dr. Lisa Holden has been my lifeline for over a year. She listens…really listens to your concerns and symptoms and then immediately begins looking for answers.

While other physicians told me nothing was wrong, Dr. Holden immediately order a deeper level of tests on my thyroid and found the source of the problem within weeks.  A physician who personally calls to do follow up is hard to find.

I would highly recommend her to anyone who is experiencing adrenal problems.

Thank You Dr. Holden!S.Burr

Dr. Holden is smart and thoughtful. She pays attention to what you say to her. She cares about her patients, she gives you options, talks to you about what fits into your lifestyle, and she actually wants you to get well! If you have trouble, she makes herself available to you – telephone, e-mail, or visit. Everyone here has a vested interest in your well being. Isn’t that a breath of fresh air for a doctor’s office?!!!

It might seem like a leap of faith, but I can tell you from personal experience, it will be the smartest move you ever make for yourself! Do yourself a huge favor, let her help youPat P.

 “When I began going to Mederi Health, I didn’t know if I was going to live, and wasn’t sure I wanted to.  Three Traumatic Brain Injuries, one brain surgery for an aneurysm, and one life-threatening infection in six years had taken a toll on my usual optimism about life.  I kept hearing “Oh, you know, it takes a long time to recover from TBIs” or “You’re not a spring chicken anymore.  These are probably just age-related problems.”

Dr. Holden soon diagnosed severe problems with my entire endocrine system and I began a regimen of supplements and dietary and lifestyle changes.  Dr. Endriss discovered the basis for my balance problems and taught me exercises to regain control of my body’s movement. These exercises were specific and unique for MY body!

It didn’t happen overnight—it took about a year, but I feel dramatically improved. I appreciate the way Dr. Holden and Dr. Endriss collaborated on my problems, and they are fun to work with!  Without reservation, I recommend Mederi Health Clinic.Doris S.

I would highly recommend Dr. Paul Endriss to anyone in need of chiropractic care. He is extremely knowledgeable on the subject matter and makes you feel very at home. The office has a comfortable, home- like setting which eases any tension you might be feeling. Great staff and great overall practice! Lindsey Adkison