New Patient Information – Massage Therapy

Commonly asked questions regarding massage

Do I have to be completely undressed?

Undress to the level that you are comfortable with. It is common to be completely undressed for a full body massage, however, if you would feel more comfortable leaving undergarments on, that’s fine. Your therapist will work around any clothing that you prefer to leave on.

Do I have to be covered during my massage?

Yes, Colorado state law stated that during a massage the client must have genitals, breast tissue and gluteal cleavage covered by a sheet or towel. Each therapist has their own style of draping and it is important for your comfort as well as the therapists.

What do I do during my massage?

Relax and make yourself comfortable! Feel free to change positions as needed during your massage.

Many people choose to close their eyes to fully relax during a massage and others may prefer to talk. It’s up to you and whatever feels the most natural to you is the best way to relax.

Feel free to ask questions at any time.

Will the massage be painful?

This question depends on the type of massage and the depth and pressure of the strokes. A light massage doesn’t probe very deep into the muscles and shouldn’t hurt. More deep tissue, Swedish, injury specific and sports massages will go deeper into the tissues and may have a “feels good” hurt to it. If at any time the massage becomes too painful, please let your therapist know to adjust the depth and pressure.

How will I feel after my massage?

Most people feel very relaxed and note a decrease or relief from any pain symptoms they have been experiencing. Many people report feeling “slowed down” for a short period after the massage followed by an increase of energy, mobility and flexibility.

If you have received a deep tissue massage, you may be slightly sore the day after your massage- much like a good workout at the gym.

Sometimes a hot shower or bath can ease this soreness and make sure you drink plenty of water!