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Functional Neurology

Beyond the disease– to the whole person

Come into Mederi Health’s Functional Neurology department for a consultation, and you will instantly feel cared for by the way we actively listen and look intuitively into your wellness goals. In a conventional medical environment– like a mass hospital or psychiatric care unit– you would be treated as just another patient with a disorder that needs to be minimized. Your symptoms would be temporarily addressed, and they would hand you a pill and send you on your way, requiring you to continue time with a counselor that sees hundreds of other patients.

At Mederi Health you can expect so much more than this bleak picture. We look beyond the category they have tried to lump you into–ADD, Hyperactive, dementia–and dig deeper into the true cause of the imbalance, aiming to correct the imbalance and offer restoration.

We treat a variety of neurological conditions, including:

Functional neurology addresses whole body problems

Functional Neurology at Mederi Health means looking at the whole patient. We dig between the lines of your symptoms to help you assess the core of the issue, and utilize both preventative and intervening therapies to bring your neurosystem back into balance. We want you to succeed, regardless of your diagnosis. With our whole patient approach, Mederi’s functional neurology experts use cognitive exercises, ART, breathing treatments, and complementary therapies to specifically address the underlying cause of your condition.

Mainstream physicians want to hand you a pill and send you on your way. You deserve better than that. You deserve whole person treatment and a chance at full body wellness.

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