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Dr. Lisa Holden DC

Dr.-Lisa-HoldenDr. Holden completed her undergraduate studies in Pre-Med from the University of Wyoming and received her Doctorate of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. Dr. Holden has diverse knowledge and skills in supporting a variety of conditions through nutritional measure, herbal supplementation, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and glandular extracts which often compliment many traditional and allopathic treatments.

Dr. Holden got her start in the healthcare profession by working in a variety of medical facilities allowing her to gain valuable knowledge and patient experience. While attending Physician’s Assistant School in Billings, Montana, she recognized that conventional medicine and pharmaceutical intervention are not always sufficient or successful. While honoring her experience and respect for traditional medicine, Dr. Holden decided to pursue an education and career in chiropractic medicine, knowing that the holistic medicine and patient-centered approach to illness was where her passions lay.

As the owner of Mederi Health Center, Dr. Holden wants to bring a new approach to medicine and healthcare, one in which there is a multidisciplinary team that works to provide an integrated strategy specific to an individual’s symptoms and needs. With our team in place, Mederi Health can restore the definition of “healthcare” by looking beyond the symptoms to genuinely identify, correct and prevent the primary causes of disease.