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At Mederi Health we believe that providing quality care takes time. Our FREE 1 hour consultation is a great opportunity to talk with our practitioner about your personal health concerns and goals. Whether you want to make some minor dietary changes or you have some very serious health issues to address, this in-depth consultation can help you to decide if we are the right fit for you!


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What our patients are saying……

"When I began going to Mederi Health, I didn't know if I was going to live, and wasn't sure I wanted to. Three Traumatic Brain Injuries, one brain surgery for an aneurysm, and one life-threatening infection in six years had taken a toll on my usual optimism about life. I kept hearing "Oh, you know, it takes a long time to recover from TBIs" or "You're not a spring chicken anymore. These are probably just age-related problems."

Dr. Holden soon diagnosed severe problems with my entire endocrine system and I began a regimen of supplements and dietary and lifestyle changes. Dr. Endriss discovered the basis for my balance problems and taught me exercises to regain control of my body's movement. These exercises were specific and unique for MY body!

It didn't happen overnight—it took about a year, but I feel dramatically improved. I appreciate the way Dr. Holden and Dr. Endriss collaborated on my problems, and they are fun to work with! Without reservation, I recommend Mederi Health Clinic. 

- Doris S.

Since moving to Denver I've tried three different chiropractors, and Mederi is hands down the only one that I trust. I personally worked with Dr. Paul Endriss, and will continue to work with him in the future. Thankfully my search for a sport based, knowledgeable, and legitimately helpful chiropractor is finally over.

The active release therapy technique is something that I hadn't experienced before Mederi, but had heard about in athlete circles. It worked! Dr. Endriss could tell just by look at me straight on where my weaknesses were and gave me a structured program to fix them not just with his help, but on my own time as well. My nagging neck injury is finally calming down, and healing.

I can't recommend them enough!! 

- Nathan P.