New Patient Information – Chiropractic

What to expect at my chiropractic appointment?

What you should expect on your first chiropractic visit.

Your first appointment with Dr. Saccucci will start with a thorough history, to fully understand your current complaint.  After the history is complete the session will transition into the examination portion of the visit.  This is where you and Dr. Saccucci discover what is truly causing your issue.  Dr. Saccucci uses a system that separates the most common causes of pain into 3 categories.

  1. Muscle problems
  2. Joint problems
  3. Positional problems

This is a vastly over simplified view, but it makes it easy for you to comprehend where the true cause of your problem is coming from; muscle, joint or position.   Once you and Dr. Saccucci have determined the root of your problem the session will move into the treatment portion.

Dr. Saccucci uses multiple different techniques to resolve common pains.  Depending on what you and Dr. Saccucci  discover in the examination, you may decide to use chiropractic joint manipulation (adjustments), myofascial release techniques, active release techniques, therapeutic exercise, or Deep Tissue Laser.

After the session is complete there may be recommendations for at home exercise, life style modifications and follow up treatments.