New Patient Information – Chiropractic

Frequently Asked Questions – Chiropractic & ART

Will I have to undress?

The answer to that is typically no.  For typical adjustments and Active Release Technique it does not require the patient to be in a gown.  However, some deep tissue laser session require the painful area to be exposed.  So sometimes it is easier in a hospital gown.

What should I wear?

Athletic clothing is preferable.  But most patients will show up in whatever they were wearing to work.  The only thing that can be problematic is short skirts, but we have hospital gowns in the office that some patients prefer to wear but it is not necessary.  Which ever makes you more comfortable.

Do you treat children?

We treat lots of children of all ages especially when they get into sports and athletics.  Most of our patients are ages 5 and up.  If your child is younger than this we are happy to refer you to a Chiropractor who specializes in pediatrics.  They will be more qualified to help you.

How long will my initial appointment take as well as subsequent appointments ?

The first appointment, which is the examination, will be the longest and will take up to 40 minutes.  All subsequent appointments will be 15-20 minutes long.

I have heard that once you start seeing a chiropractor you will have to see one for the rest of your life. Is this true? If not, how often will I need to be adjusted?

This is a very common question and a very important question.  The short answer is that it depends on a variety of different circumstances and every patient is different.  The goal of each session is to see marked change is some degree of function.  Whether that be a decrease in pain or and increase in the patients range of motion.  Some conditions require only 1-3 sessions before we have made significant and permanent change.  Other conditions require management where there is no absolute resolution of the condition only maintenance of function.

Who should be adjusted?

If you suffer from pain, stiffness, soreness, numbness, tingling, burning, aching or any other symptom that has a musculoskeletal cause you may benefit from a session with Dr. Endriss.  Being adjusted is not for everyone we work very closely with a number of different physicians and if our office cannot help you we will get you with a provider who can.

Will the adjustment be painful?

Most patients will describe treatment as a “hurts good.”  Sometimes the adjustment or some of the other therapies can be mildly uncomfortable but we only do therapies that are within each individuals comfort level and tolerance.