7301112084_a9b666dd35Welcome to Mederi Health’s new blog! We’re excited to offer our patients this resource on health news, nutrition, alternative medicine resources, fun facts, and plenty of quality information on how you optimize your best health. We believe that our whole patient approach to health care is well supported by an informative blog that empowers patients to learn and possibly make diet or lifestyle decisions that maximize their health.

Prevention: your first step toward optimal health

At Mederi Health, our goal is to practice preventative care with our patients. This means that after your back pain has been resolved or food allergy nailed down, we want to work with you to insure that these problems don’t resurface. We do this through preventative medicine: making diet, exercise and lifestyle choices that are the best fit for your individual needs, and regular visits with a physician who knows you and your unique health history.

Preventative health is a team effort, and the doctors and health professionals at Mederi Health work not only with interdisciplinary members of the medical profession, but with you– the patient.

How is prevention part of a blog?

We believe that information is actually where prevention starts. Mederi Health physicians and health professionals always seek to make patient education and understanding a part of every appointment, and now we’re expanding this effort with our own blog. Every month you can expect to find informative, accessible information on common health complaints, insightful health news, unusual or fun health ideas, or timely health advice for holidays or events.

By inviting our patients to enjoy our health blog, we hope to engage your curiosity, interest, and passion for whole body wellness. We hope to answer your questions– even those you didn’t know to ask– and may inspire some new ones.

Got a question??

Speaking of questions, don’t hesitate to bring them into your next appointment! Chances are, if you’re wondering about a health topic or issue, a lot of other people are too. We’d love to hear your ideas for blog entries!

Thanks for being an active part of this partnership for your best health. We look forward to seeing you!