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Alternative Medicine

Restore purity to your whole self

Mederi Health is proud of our patient-centered department of Alternative Medicine. We believe that true health is achieved through improved communication between all of your bodily systems. The Alternative Medicine department at our Westminster, Colorado clinic promotes that balance through patient specific treatments that encourage each system to work together with the use of non-invasive, traditional, and natural remedies.

Our approach to holistic healing begins with a full evaluation of how your body currently communicates with itself. We then isolate the systems that are causing a break down in communication to occur and apply specific treatments to those areas, bringing each system into harmony so your physical and emotional balance are restored.

Our alternative treatments include:

We are here for you, for your whole health

If you are suffering from inexplicable bouts of depression or anxiety, you might have an underlying condition that we can help address. For example, thyroid imbalances are linked to fatigue, depression, and moodiness. Compromised adrenal gland functions also lead to a general lack of energy, heightened sensitivity to stress, and general feelings of emotional unrest. Similarly, hormone imbalances directly affect your mood swings and your current weight loss program might be depriving you of essential nutrients, manifesting itself as feelings of heightened anxiety.

We can help you correct these imbalances and lead you to a renewed state of increased energy and general joy. With targeted treatments, we can help you feel like yourself again.

If you are looking for the best alternative medicine Denver, CO has to offer, Mederi Health is proud of our patient-centered alternative treatments. Contact (303) 993-2323 to schedule your appointment at our Westminster, Colorado clinic.