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Over the past couple of decades, our health practitioners have seen a steady increase in the frequency of drugs like Ritalin being prescribed to children with diagnosed conditions of hyperactivity/impulsivity or ADHD and ADD. Functional neurology offers a different, non-pharmaceutical approach that addresses the core processing issue that occurs in these children’s brains. In many cases, children diagnosed with ADHD have far more symptoms than just the inability to focus, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. We see that many of these kids struggle in school, have trouble making friends, exhibit overall peculiar activity, and much more.

Our clinicians at Mederi Health have found that children dealing with ADHD and ADD suffer from a functional imbalance between both sides of the brain. Each side of the brain is responsible for specific activities and functions. We commonly see that a child may be very strong in one aspect of learning, sports, or some other function, but may be lacking significantly in other areas like social interaction, interpretation of feelings, or a vast array of activities. This is what has become known as a functional disconnection. If you are looking for ADHD and ADD treatment near Denver, CO or in the Front Range please contact us today.

There is a lot that the properly educated clinician can do in order to help integrate the processing of the brain to treat ADHD and ADD. At Mederi Health, we utilize the latest information that research has uncovered to treat these conditions. Through simple exercises and games targeted to specific brain regions, our clinicians have achieved profound changes in our patients.

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